Pricing and Packages

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Session Hours

To achieve the best results for your student, sessions are 60 minutes for elementary and middle school students and 90 minutes for high school students. Our goal is to make sure your student can still participate in extra-curricular activities and be successful in school.

Tutoring Rates

  • Standard Kindergarten: $100/hour
  • Standard Elementary: $120/hour
  • Middle school level tutoring: 130$/hour
  • High school level tutoring: 150$/hour (not including Calculus and Pre-Calculus)
  • High school level tutoring for Calculus and Pre-Calculus: $170/hour


Test Prep Packages:

Each package offers one-on-one, in-home tutoring using research-based strategies for building test-taking skills and subject matter expertise. Test Prep sessions are 90 minutes long. The caliber of our tutors and the proven approach they use creates a superior test prep experience for students and not only helps them to prepare better, but faster. Additionally, we have an hourly option available for last-minute prep.

22 Sessions (33 hours + 5 practice tests + supplemental instructional materials): $4,620 | $140/hr

  • Designed for students who need comprehensive preparation and plan to take the test twice
  • Private one-on-one, in-home tutoring
  • Score increase guarantee

16 Sessions (24 Hours + 5 practice tests): $3,600 | $150/hr

  • Our most popular package, right for most students
  • Private one-on-one, in-home tutoring
  • Score increase guarantee

8 Sessions (12 Hours + 3 practice tests): $1,920 | $160/hr

  • Ideal for students who are close to their score goal or have limited time to prepare
  • Private one-on-one, in-home tutoring
  • Score increase guarantee